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Life Lessons From 9/11

We all remember where we were on 9/11/2001. Hard to believe 20 years have passed!

I was on my way to New Brunswick with my sister and Dad to attend my Aunt Marion's funeral. She had ALS and died way too young.

I had been out to see her the year prior and I remembered thinking that this will likely be the last time I see her.

I wanted to say I love you and sadly I didn't.

20 years ago I wasn't comfortable sharing my feelings. It wasn't something we did in my family.

When I look back now I regret not saying those 3 little words that I felt so strongly. She was a remarkable woman and I wanted to let her know that.

Thankfully I've spent the last 20 years on personal development and growth. I've let go of the limiting beliefs that kept me stuck for the first 30 or so years of my life and now share how I feel with all those I love.

And now I get to help other women move beyond their limiting beliefs and create their best life.

If 9/11 taught me anything it's that life can change in seconds and we don't always get a second chance to say how we feel.

What did you learn about yourself from this tragic event?

What have you let go of that didn't serve you?



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