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 I came to Adale with curiosity on what life coaching had to offer me different from general counseling.  Now, it wasn’t the greatest time in my life as I was also grieving a recent cancer diagnosis of a close family member.  But I pursued anyway as I was determined to figure out what was holding me back. Am I ever glad I did! Through her expertise and listening skills, Adale was quickly able to help me see myself and my future in a much clearer way! She was able to provide me with powerful suggestions and weekly homework as well as book suggestions that were really key to overcoming the standstill feeling I was experiencing. In just a short time, I’ve made more personal growth with Adale than I have in years! She was definitely pivotal in helping me live my best life ever! And for that I am grateful! Thank you Adale! Xo  ~NATALIE RICHER

 Adale, I want to thank you for the coaching sessions I had with you. Although I thought I was emotionally healthy when we first met, I soon realized the language I was using and a couple of my core beliefs were holding me back. I thought that I had healed from living with an emotionally abusive partner. However, once you helped me break down those blocks it was like a flood gate opened and I gave myself permission to let it all go. I think there may always be some residue of the PTSD I experienced as a result of living for so many years in a shutdown state with my ex who has NPD. Living with a narcissist changed me. For years I tried to fly under the radar to avoid criticism and devaluing remarks. I dulled my light so he could shine. Rereading “Codependent No More”, helped me to see how dysfunctional I had become.

Listening to the script you wrote for me is having amazing results and I look forward to listening to it every morning and every bedtime. I continue to learn and to challenge myself with new things and I am choosing to be happy, healthy and creative every single day.

Thank you so much Adale. ~NORMA HALL

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