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The Platinum Pro is a business opportunity for coaches looking to build a tribe with like-minded people who share their values, share their passion and share their desire to create financial freedom while helping their team of coaches do the same. It's for big thinkers, game changers, and people with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are ready to take their game to the next level. 


The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Coaching Program is for life-long learners, always looking for ways to create more abundance in their lives.  It's designed to help you live your best life. Financially, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Professionally, and in your Relationships. We provide personal development through a variety of resources including monthly live webinars, a library of recorded episodes, courses on every aspect of living your best life.  You also receive one on one and group coaching to support you on your journey. The program encompasses all aspects you need to get yourself out of your own way to grow personally and professionally to create your best life.

For those wanting to ‘pay it forward’ and help others create their best life we offer multiple levels of courses to allow you to create a coaching business; Certified Coach Practitioner, Certified Master Coach Practitioner, Sales Mastery Course, Certified Group Coaching, to name just a few.

Interested in finding out if you are a good fit check out



After completing the Certified Coaches Federation Coach Practitioner course  I acquired so much more then I had bargained for!! The CCF course provided me with the knowledge that I was able to use not just with my clients but with myself as well.  It teaches the art of asking the right questions, understanding how one thinks, why we get stuck, and how to get unstuck among many other skills and tools. Whether you are interested in becoming a life coach, are looking to add more tools to your tool chest, or simply want to learn how to coach yourself you will find this course very enlightening and educational.  I continue to use what I’ve learned on myself daily…

As a Certified Coach Trainer, I am excited and honoured to now teach the Certified Coach Practitioner Course and the Certified Leadership Coach Certification.  To me, there is nothing more satisfying than empowering others through learning.  Find our complete course outline at


If what you read resonates, I look forward to seeing you in one of the classes. Get ready for some transformational moments!!

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